Primitive Bushcraft Shelter – Stone Roofed Lean-To

In this video I build a permanent lean-to with a stone roof. It was built by myself with mostly young maple trees, poplar bark, flagstone and earth, all gathered from the immediate area of the building site.

No outside materials were used and only 4 tools: a Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel, Cold Steel Spike Hawk, Svord Von Tempsky Bowie and a Svord Pig Sticker.

During the warm months I like to stay away from water to avoid insects. This was built on one of the finger ridges of the middle ridge of the property and is nice and dry.

The build took five days to complete and I stayed out there during that time period. Food consisted of a pound and a half of pemmican, half a pound of jerky and approximately 5 liters of water each day.

Due to our location up in the Appalachian mountains sound travels very far and the distant train can be heard along with the occasional survey helicopter (especially during the hand drill fire)

This is our first video and as our channel grows the first investment we’ll make is high quality cameras, microphones and a decent computer. Until then we’ll go with what we got and keep shooting.

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